Whether you are the current owner of valuable furniture, works of art or jewellery or a future heir, it is essential to know the value of your estate or that of a loved one. Call on professionals specialised in valuing furniture and works of art in France: auctioneers.

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An inventory to insure your belongings at their real value before a claim (burglary, water damage, fire, accidental damage…)

Works of art and collectors’ items are never adequately covered by traditional multi-risk home insurance policies. It is therefore necessary to give a precise value to your assets in order to better identify the specific risks to which they may be exposed.


An inventory to reorganise your movable assets and sell certain items.

In France, the maximum period within which heirs must pay inheritance tax is 6 months from the date of death. In the event of late payment, interest is payable to the State at a rate of 0.40% per month, plus a 10% penalty. The use of an auctioneer, whose role is to inventory and value the movable assets, provides valuable legal certainty for all heirs.


An inventory to reorganise your furniture and sell certain items.

At present, the capital gains tax regime applied to objects, art collections and jewellery is very advantageous in France, compared with that for property or the share market, for example (over 30%). Unless you can prove that you have held the item for a certain length of time (partial exemption if held for less than 22 years, total exemption if held for more than 22 years), a flat-rate tax of just 6.5% of the sale price applies to any item sold for €5,000 or more. As this tax is in full discharge of your obligations, the balance paid to you does not have to be declared as income.