A rediscovered Victorian “Fin-de-Siècle” Masterpiece will be auctioned by FauveParis

Exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1898 and at Earl’s Court in 1900, this amazing canvas has been painted
by Ella M. Bedford (act.1882-1908), a British woman artist.

The Victorian art was originally focused on a realism-centric style which hearkened back to classic Greek and Roman spirit, through a series of influences which brought in the use of brighter colors and more emotional strokes. Then, the late Victorian paintings (1890-1901) have turned into mythology and fantasy; this was the time when adding sculptures of Gods and Goddesses became an obsession for the art lovers.

The “Fin-de-Siècle” painting embraces symbolism, decadence and all related phenomena which reached a peak in 1890s, also called the Mauve Decade and the Yellow Decade. According to Dimitri Joannidès, the auction house appraiser: “with this impressive work, Ella M. Bedford builds a bridge between Symbolism and Art Nouveau, as a woman artist precursor”.

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